Kronk's New Groove
Kronk's New Groove
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20051h 20m
Coming of AgeFamilyComedyAnimation

Kronk cooks up a get-rich-quick scheme to impress his father. But when things go wrong, Kronk kicks into comical gear and discovers the true riches in life are his friends...and being "true to your groove."

Kronk's New Groove

Lovable lug Kronk has happily started a new life as the head chef in his own diner when a llama-gram informs him that his father will be visiting. Kronk cooks up trouble with the sly enchantress Yzma to make himself look like a success in time for Papi's arrival, but he ends up in trouble. Only with the help of friends—both old and new—can Kronk learn to be true to his groove.

Duration:1h 20m
Release Date:2005
Genre:Coming of AgeFamilyComedyAnimation
Director:Elliot M. BourSaul Andrew Blinkoff
Starring:Patrick WarburtonTracey UllmanEartha KittDavid SpadeJohn GoodmanWendie Malick

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