X-Ray Earth
X-Ray Earth
TV-PGClosed Captions
20201 Season
DocuseriesAnimals & Nature

Earthquakes, tsunamis and super volcanoes are all driven by forces buried deep inside our planet. What if we could x-ray the Earth to reveal these hidden dangers? Now we can.

X-Ray Earth

Beneath our feet, under trillions of tons of rock, lurk astonishing, deadly secrets. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions are all driven by hidden forces deep inside our planet. Now, using the latest scientific data from sensors and surface scans, we can x-ray the Earth to reveal the dangers locked inside our planet. For the first time, we can create x-rays of the deep interior of our planet.

Release Date:2020
Genre:DocuseriesAnimals & Nature
Series Rating:TV-PG
Season 1 Rating:Season 1 Rating
Starring:Corey Johnson

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