101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians
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19611h 22m

Pongo and Perdita lead a heroic cast of animal characters on a dramatic quest to rescue their Dalmatian puppies from the villainous Cruella De Vil.

101 Dalmatians

Walt Disney's original classic has charmed audiences for generations with its irresistible tail-wagging stars, memorable story and wonderful blend of humor and adventure. Cruella De Vil, Disney's most outrageous villain, sets the fur-raising adventure in motion when she dognaps all of the Dalmatian puppies in London, including 15 from Pongo and Perdita's family. Through the power of the "Twilight Bark," Pongo leads a heroic cast of animal characters on a dramatic quest to rescue them all. Contains tobacco depictions.

Duration:1h 22m
Release Date:1961
Director:Wolfgang ReithermanHamilton S. LuskeClyde Geronimi
Starring:Rod TaylorJ. Pat O'MalleyBetty Lou GersonMartha WentworthBen WrightCate Bauer

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